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Wedding Cake Trends: Summer 2017

When it comes to wedding cakes, there is always an emerging trend or something new and exciting for brides to incorporate into their special day. This summer, there are many unique wedding cake trends popping up. From succulent cakes, to hand painted cakes, to rainbow cakes there is a trend that will suit any bride. Years ago wedding cakes weren’t such an ordeal but in this day and age they range from simple to very intricate. Let’s take a look at 5 extravagant wedding cake trends for summer 2017:

1. Succulent Cakes:
Yes, you read that right! The popular plant trend is taking over the wedding cakes arena too. Not only are these edible plant arrangements beautiful but they are extremely elaborate. These cakes are not for an average bride. Each one is a work of art and can even incorporate sand or soil if requested!

Source: https://www.perfectweddingguide.com/wedding-blog/index.php/2017/05/14/succulent-wedding-cakes/

2. Beaded Cakes:

If succulents aren’t for you, perhaps try a more basic beaded cake. Beaded cakes can still make a statement and are fitting for a more “girly” bride. These cakes range from over the top to simple and elegant depending on the style and amount of beads. Either way your guests will be “wowed” by this new trend.

Source: https://www.modwedding.com/2014/07/daily-wedding-cake-inspiration-new-2/

3. Rainbow Cakes

Are beaded cakes too plain? No problem. This trend is for the bolder, more eccentric bride. The outward appearance of the rainbow cake is very plain,but when you cut into it bright layers are revealed making for a fun surprise!

Source: http://www.brides.com/gallery/rainbow-cakes-for-summer

4. Marble Wedding Cakes

Marble cakes are a trend that won’t go anywhere anytime soon! These cakes can be replicated in many different varieties- from grey and white, to black and white, to watercolor marble with a touch of geodes! This trend is capable of suiting a diverse audience of brides.

Source: http://greenweddingshoes.com/current-trends-cards-cakes-with-minted/

5. Lace Wedding Cakes
Last, but certainly not least is the lace wedding cake. This trend suits the classy, yet simplistic bride. The lace cake is for a traditional bride but adds a bit of glam to an otherwise boring wedding cake. If the other cakes in this article are too overwhelming, perhaps stick to a traditional, yet classy lace design.

Source: http://www.stylisheve.com/25-lace-wedding-cake-ideas/

We hope this short, but sweet list of wedding cake trends inspires you (or a friend) to branch away from traditional wedding cake designs and explore new trends! Although some of these trends are extravagant, we are confident that each and every bride can find a design they’re excited to share with their guests when it comes down to their special day. Any of these cake designs are sure to “wow” guests!

Brooke Withers
Brooke is a Senior, Communication Studies Major at James Madison University. She is thrilled to be interning with Stable Craft Brewery at Hermitage Hill Farm this summer as her love for horses drew her to this opportunity. As the social media and marketing intern, Brooke will be assisting with blog posts, updating various social media platforms, and assisting with events and the taproom as needed. In her spare time, Brooke also writes for the Oydssey online where she generates weekly content. Prior to interning at Stable Craft, she served as an intern for College Fashionista and created monthly blog posts on current fashion trends at JMU. She worked as a marketing/sales associate at Bluetique Cheap Chic in Harrisonburg which allowed her to explore her love for fashion and interest in outreach through social media. Her favorite experience was studying abroad in Ireland last summer where she studied communication, conflict, and culture, for three weeks. She loves traveling, spending time outdoors, and her miniature dachshund.

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