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Wedding Planning Tips: What is a “Pinterest” wedding?

What exactly is a Pinterest wedding? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A wedding with every last detail replicated from the website Pinterest. I’ve attended weddings where I’ve caught myself thinking “oh, I saw that on Pinterest”. That is when you know the uniqueness of the wedding
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Wedding Planning Strategies: Wedding Planner VS Bridezilla

Wedding rings at Hermitage Hill wedding venue.
Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables | Waynesboro VA For a complete list of Hermitage Hill Farm approved Wedding Planners, visit here. Well, we have all heard of the term Bridezilla, right? I mean, they even made a TV show about them. Have you ever wondered, what exactly a bridezilla is
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Unique Wedding Planning Ideas: Celebrating at a Farm Brewery

With the advent of Pinterest and Instagram, today’s bride has access to many wedding planning options and resources. Web-savvy brides, start planning their wedding planning months, sometimes years in advance, pinning and creating different boards targeted to each aspect of their dream
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Hailey + Mark’s Southern Wedding

Today, we are sharing the beautiful wedding of a Texas bride, Hailey to her Michigan groom, Mark. What a sweet couple.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all their relatives and friends who traveled far and wide to celebrate this special day. Congratulations Hailey + Mark! Take a sneak pe
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Matt and Kate’s Wedding at Hermitage Hill

Special thanks to Ward Photography for sharing these great shots from Matt and Kate’s wedding this past weekend! There was a lot of excitement on this special day and the Ward team captured the festivities with great finesse. Check out Ward Pics for a complete line-up of all the
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What has 4 Legs, a Back and Looks Fabulous in Gold?

We are sure this is an easy-to-answer riddle for caterers, event planners or soon-to-be brides. The iconic Chiavari chair is widely recognized by event planners and brides alike as a staple for upscale events. Hermitage Hill recently added 200+ Chiavari chairs to our inventory. We fee
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