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The Top Five Rules of Wedding Planning Etiquette

Planning a wedding is a very special time for you and your fiance. This is the biggest day of your life as a couple, and you both want your day to be as perfect as possible. Nothing quite says perfection like planning the day down to the very last detail. And who are we kidding? It’s
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Wedding Planning Tips: What is a “Pinterest” wedding?

What exactly is a Pinterest wedding? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A wedding with every last detail replicated from the website Pinterest. I’ve attended weddings where I’ve caught myself thinking “oh, I saw that on Pinterest”. That is when you know the uniqueness of the wedding
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Wedding Planning Strategies: Wedding Planner VS Bridezilla

Wedding rings at Hermitage Hill wedding venue.
Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables | Waynesboro VA For a complete list of Hermitage Hill Farm approved Wedding Planners, visit here. Well, we have all heard of the term Bridezilla, right? I mean, they even made a TV show about them. Have you ever wondered, what exactly a bridezilla is
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Unique Wedding Planning Ideas: Celebrating at a Farm Brewery

With the advent of Pinterest and Instagram, today’s bride has access to many wedding planning options and resources. Web-savvy brides, start planning their wedding planning months, sometimes years in advance, pinning and creating different boards targeted to each aspect of their dream
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Hailey + Mark’s Southern Wedding

Today, we are sharing the beautiful wedding of a Texas bride, Hailey to her Michigan groom, Mark. What a sweet couple.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all their relatives and friends who traveled far and wide to celebrate this special day. Congratulations Hailey + Mark! Take a sneak pe
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Matt and Kate’s Wedding at Hermitage Hill

Special thanks to Ward Photography for sharing these great shots from Matt and Kate’s wedding this past weekend! There was a lot of excitement on this special day and the Ward team captured the festivities with great finesse. Check out Ward Pics for a complete line-up of all the
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What has 4 Legs, a Back and Looks Fabulous in Gold?

We are sure this is an easy-to-answer riddle for caterers, event planners or soon-to-be brides. The iconic Chiavari chair is widely recognized by event planners and brides alike as a staple for upscale events. Hermitage Hill recently added 200+ Chiavari chairs to our inventory. We fee
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