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Planning a Green Wedding | Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables, Waynesboro VA

Bride and groom enjoying their winter wedding at the best wedding venue in Virginia.
Ever wonder, how to have a Green Wedding that will compliment your special day and help in a big way!?! Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables has four fun hints to help you plan your BIG day, the Green way! Location, Location, Location! Choose a location that obtains sustainable practice
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A Farm Store is Born

 The winter months are generally our downtime at Hermitage Hill, what with the shorter days and colder temperatures, who wants to work outside unless you have to. So, we turn our focus to indoor projects and improvements where the temperatures are more friendly. This winter, Craig tur
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Winter Renovations on the Farm- Part 1

REMODELING THE GRANARY COTTAGE Well January has turned out to be super busy for us here, at Hermitage Hill. It is time to update our rentals. They are going to receive facelifts before our new tenants arrive Our first project at hand, was our cottage- the Granary Cottage. While it is
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