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What to Wear to a Farm Wedding

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For the women…..
Tip #1 – Do NOT wear cream, ivory or white to any wedding, unless you are the bride. I mean, really ladies… do we need to dive into this further? This should already be known!
Tip #2 – Do NOT wear jeans to a farm wedding! This is still a formal event, dress to impress, if you are a lady do yourself a favor and wear a dress!!!
Tip #3 – Do NOT wear pointed heels or stilettos to a farm wedding! Cute cowboy boots, flats, sandals, and wedges will compliment your outfit and show that you know style. Wearing the correct footwear will allow you to keep your shoes on the ENTIRE night, so you don’t become ‘that’ woman!
Tip #5 – Do NOT forget to dress in layers to a farm wedding! We are located in mountains with event space inside and out. With air conditioning and mountainous temperatures dropping in the evening, bring a shawl or a nice sweater so you are never freezing!

For the men…..
Tip #1 – Do NOT wear a tux to a farm wedding, unless you are in the wedding party and this was a request. It’s a simple rule just like ladies attending weddings know to stay away from a white dress!
Tip #2 – Do NOT forget to wear a tie or a classy bow-tie!! Safe tip, when in doubt, tie it out!!! You can always take it off later if need be!
Tip #3 – Do NOT wear a short sleeve dress shirt! Don’t be that guy! I mean, seriously – conversation ended!
Tip #4 – Do NOT wear tennis shoes or sneakers to a wedding, converse are not classy, unless you are the couple getting married and that is part of your fun theme! Trying to keep it real, please don’t find that mean!
Tip #5 – Do NOT forget your suit jacket even if the weather is hot! We are in the mountains and the temperature will drop! Your significant other or the cute person you’ve been talking up all night may catch a chill later and offering you jacket like a gentleman may benefit in your favor!

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Lisa Downing
As the Director of Events & Marketing, Lisa is responsible for overseeing all weddings, events, and outreach for Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables. With over 50 weddings and events a year Lisa will act as an ambassador to the wedding and events community, maintain ongoing contact with our wonderful couples whilst developing new relationships and exposure in the wedding world. Prior to joining the Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables team in February 2017, Lisa was the Assistant Director of Employer Relations with the University of Virginia Career Center. Responsible for overseeing the On-Grounds Interviewing program and coordinated more than 6,000 interviews per year. Lisa comes from the private & non-profit industry where she worked in Washington DC, as the Project Coordinator for the internationally acclaimed National Cherry Blossom Festival. She then moved to Los Angeles, California and served as an Account Executive with an up and coming boutique marketing firm. Lisa brings a passion for customer service, event management, and marketing, plus years of experience working in hospitality. Lisa is a George Mason University alum and loves photography, traveling, and all mediums of art. She is a proud Virginian and is happy to be back home near her colorful family.

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