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Hermitage Hill: Farm Weddings with a Twist

Rustic, farm weddings have been all the rage for the past couple years. How has this trend lasted so long? Most fads come and go but farm weddings are a trend that seems to be sticking around quite well! No two farm weddings are the same, some farms offer different amenities to couple
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Wedding Cake Trends: Summer 2017

When it comes to wedding cakes, there is always an emerging trend or something new and exciting for brides to incorporate into their special day. This summer, there are many unique wedding cake trends popping up. From succulent cakes, to hand painted cakes, to rainbow cakes there is a
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Wedding Planning Tips: What is a “Pinterest” wedding?

What exactly is a Pinterest wedding? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A wedding with every last detail replicated from the website Pinterest. I’ve attended weddings where I’ve caught myself thinking “oh, I saw that on Pinterest”. That is when you know the uniqueness of the wedding
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Scenic weddings: Major advantages for selecting a venue over a tent, part two

In part one, we explored the advantages of choosing a venue over a tent. Venues offer conveniences like air conditioning, heating, spacious restrooms, a bridal suite, parking, catering work space, backup electrical and tables and chairs for a reception and/or on-location ceremony. We
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