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Hermitage Hill’s Valentine’s Day Tribute

Laura and Ryan’s 2015 wedding celebration

Laura and Ryan’s 2015 wedding celebration during Hurricane Joaquim.


Hermitage Hill’s Valentine’s Day Tribute

The sweetest day of the year almost upon us, and as a Charlottesville wedding venue, we see a lot of love throughout the year.We thought it might be fun to share a little of that love with a line-up of some of the weddings that Hermitage Hill hosted throughout the 2015 wedding season, with a little backstory on each.

Hurricane Joaquim

Wendy and Jason Ward photographed Laura and Ryan’s wedding day which just happened to fall during Hurricane Joaquim. While the weather was stormy it didn’t dampen this bride’s spirits! Laura happily planned her ceremony in the stables and it was was a beautiful backdrop to her ceremony.

Charlottesville wedding venues

Charlottesville wedding venues offer amazing backdrops with our Blue Ridge Mountains, beautiful countryside and gorgeous sunsets, it is easy to see why Virginia is for Lovers.

Megan and Tony’s spring wedding was photographed by Ron Dressel Photography and this special day was honored with touches of a naval ceremony and this couple’s love of music. Tony even serenaded Megan during their ceremony. Lots of love here!

wedding venues

Charlottesville wedding venues 2

music in wedding venues

music-wedding venues

Jeff’s amazing photos

Valentine’s Day post

Our final wedding for this Valentine’s Day post, features Katy and Zach’s special day photographed by Jeff Gleason Photography. Jeff’s amazing photos truly capture how vibrant the lighting and sunsets are at this Charlottesville wedding venue.

wedding guests

wedding venues Virginia


We hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful 2015 Hermitage Hill weddings. Check back as we start the 2016 wedding season and see all of the updates and renovations that are happening at this Charlottesville wedding venue. If you are planning a 2016 or 2017 wedding, visit us online to book a personal showing!
Happy Valentine’s Day from Hermitage Hill.

Nikki Nargi and her husband, Craig, own and operate Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables in beautiful downtown Hermitage, Virginia. Nikki is a designer and Craig is a chef with 20 plus years in the hospitality industry. They bring their diverse backgrounds together to help inspire brides-to-be and make that "big day" a little more special and stress free. Learn about Hermitage Hill and gain useful event planning tips on their blog. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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