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Wedding Planning Tips: What is a “Pinterest” wedding?


What exactly is a Pinterest wedding? Well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A wedding with every last detail replicated from the website Pinterest. I’ve attended weddings where I’ve caught myself thinking “oh, I saw that on Pinterest”. That is when you know the uniqueness of the wedding is a little lost. Instead of copying the website’s ideas directly, perhaps try pinning everything you like to one board. By doing this, you can see what color palette you are naturally drawn to. This can make picking theme colors for your wedding very simple and fun!

As we all know, wedding planning can be a bit stressful, to say the least, especially in today’s society. There is a constant competition to have the cutest or trendiest wedding. “Pinterest” weddings have become all the rage, as the website makes wedding planning visually pleasing and simple for users. However, “Pinterest” weddings are becoming commonplace but can take the originality out of weddings. The algorithm of the website makes it so the most popular pins appear most frequently to users, creating common themes that all future brides may take into consideration when planning for their special day. If all brides are searching through the same pins, then many weddings may start to look very similar.

On the contrary, having some details from Pinterest is never a bad thing! The site can help in the initial planning stages but it shouldn’t dictate the whole wedding. It is when the entire wedding is straight from the website that all originality is killed. A wedding is a special ceremony celebrating the love two people have for one another and recognizing this love publicly, amongst friends and family. This day should be all about what makes the couple’s love different and special. In short, this article isn’t saying to stop using Pinterest by any means as it is SO useful in the planning stages. However, remember not to let Pinterest or any other website take away from the uniqueness of your special day.


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