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Plan the Ultimate Brewery Wedding for an Intoxicating Affair

What do you imagine when you hear the word wedding? A church or a chapel, flowers, guests, dinner, a band, and of course the bride and the groom. Well, it is about time our imagination took a leap forward. A unique wedding venue makes a great impact on the overall ambiance of the big day. Destination weddings have always been famous among couples who wanted to make their special day great and memorable. However, choosing a destination wedding venue requires a lot of deliberation and depends on a lot of factors like budget, ease of travel, etc. The ideas about finding a one-of-a-kind backdrop are shifting from the regular beaches and countryside areas to more unconventional ones.


So, have you ever contemplated getting married in a natural setting with high quality wines at your disposal? No, we are not talking about getting married in an outdoor bar! Brewery weddings are the latest trend and couples are finding them to be absolutely amazing. They can serve as the most unique venue for your big day and would give the photographers beautiful outdoor setting to capture the lovely moments.


Winery wedding venues in Virginia are quite popular, but brewery weddings offer a relaxed atmosphere that your guests will enjoy. Your wedding day should be remarkable, exceptional, and one you will never forget. Weddings at the brewery are unique, occasionally themed, bespoke and offer the bride and groom a very special and memorable wedding experience

Nikki Nargi and her husband, Craig, own and operate Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables in beautiful downtown Hermitage, Virginia. Nikki is a designer and Craig is a chef with 20 plus years in the hospitality industry. They bring their diverse backgrounds together to help inspire brides-to-be and make that "big day" a little more special and stress free. Learn about Hermitage Hill and gain useful event planning tips on their blog. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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