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Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding Venue – A Guide to Selecting Your Dream Location from Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables, Waynesboro Virginia

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Choosing a location for your Rehearsal Dinner & Wedding Venue – Wedding Plan Tips from Hermitage Hil Farm.
Have you recently started planning your wedding? Is your head starting to spin? A lot of moving parts, right? Have no fear Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables is here, to ease your wedding planning blues! We have some fantastic and simple solutions to enhance your wedding plans and mileage during your wedding planning process.  With so many amazing wedding venues to choose from, how do you narrow down your wants and needs? A lot of couples spend all their time planning on the wedding day and the rehearsal dinner becomes a second thought. Well as you have noticed, dates, contracts, and time tend to sneak up on you!

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Multiple Event Spaces
One of the many great features here at Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables is our array of event spaces.  We understand that you want to keep the WOW element saved for your BIG day and we do too! However, you also want to rehearse those last steps as a single person, right? A lot of venues these days are booking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday weddings. Which could possibly mean, that you are not going to have your venue the night before to rehearse with your wedding party? You can’t have that, right? I mean, how will you know what to do?  How will you know where to stand? How will you know where to walk?

What if, you are the fortunate couple that was able to host your rehearsal the night before, but your wedding party is held up in traffic, you have a 7 pm dinner reservation an hour away and you’ve already called twice to push back to a later time. Oh, and the officiant hasn’t shown up yet because he got lost and has no signal to call out. Does this sound like a wedding that you have been to, perhaps more than once? Don’t worry us too! Problem solved! We are excited to showcase our rehearsal dinner & wedding day packages. These flexible and affordable wedding packages allow you to have access to the reception space a day early, ensuring your rehearsal time as well as allowing your wedding planning team to start setting up in advance! All whilst allowing your wedding-eve & day-of to be everything you ever dreamed of, happy, smooth, and full of love with family fun!

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Less Stress
Additional perks of having your rehearsal dinner at the same location as your wedding; less commuting, less coordination, less time and money spent on contracts and caterers (less of a carbon imprint on this lovely earth of ours). Honestly, a lot less stress and a whole lot more of celebrating the love and union of families. If you are still not sold on the idea of hosting your rehearsal dinner at the same location as your wedding day, what if we told you it would actually be in a completely different space? Did you know that Stable Craft Brewing lives at Hermitage Hill Farm, no? Well, now you do! Our brewery and taproom though separated from our events venue is a convenient and popular destination for our couples to book their rehearsal dinners. A solution that saves your families time and a few dimes. Our unique Farm Store private event space is located in our Taproom which is a perfect for your group to meet for your rehearsal and celebrate with dinner and cheers with our farm fresh beers!

Our 2018 dates are starting to fill up! Don’t be late call us today to book your rehearsal and wedding date!


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