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Scenic weddings: Major advantages for selecting a venue over a tent


Summer weather has everyone turning their attention to the wonderful outdoors, with hot days giving way to comfortable warm nights, fire flies glowing all about, the chirp of crickets and gentle breezes under the stars. When deciding between renting a tent or hosting your wedding at a venue, there are a number of things to consider before reaching your final decision.


Disadvantages of a Tent

Tent size: The proper way to tent a party is to pick a tent that is 100 square feet for one table of eight people. You will also need to allow additional space for a dance floor, DJ setups, escort, gifts, buffet tables, cake and appetizers. You also need to allow room for special dedicated tables like a bride and groom table or a head table.

Tent details: After reserving a tent of the correct dimensions, now it is time to move onto to other the other necessities. Lighting and electrical cords need to be color-coordinated, pole wraps will hide the marked up poles, a dance floor for guests, and most importantly the tables and chairs. This scenario still requires restrooms and tent sides in case of bad weather, high winds or that unpredictable thunderstorm. A tent may stop most of the rain, but not the streams of water blowing through, depending on the location.

Tent Cost: By the time you rent just the tent, tables and chairs, you will have likely spent more than what you would have spent renting a venue.


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Advantages of a Venue

Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables makes an outdoor reception easy with less planning required on your part and the comfort of the bridal party and guests at the forefront.

Venue Perks: For example, most venues will be air-conditioned or heated, have spacious restrooms, a bridal changing suite, parking, catering work space, backup electrical generators and include tables and chairs for both a reception and an on-location ceremony.

Venue Peace of Mind: So while considering a venue versus a tent, consider the added peace of mind that you will get when you can leave your focus on decorating or enjoying this special day without unexpected problems from doing it yourself, and a backup plan in the event of bad weather. And let’s face it, no one likes those porta-potties, no matter where you hide them!


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