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Shopping Out Wedding Venues

Guide to Shopping For the Perfect Wedding Venue

So you are newly engaged and your head is spinning with all the important details that really need to happen now! Relax, breathe and get your game plan together.
One of the first orders of business is determining your wedding date and choosing your venue. Typically, at Hermitage Hill, we like to see brides planning 12-18 months out, there will be more of a selection of dates but don’t be surprised if your favorite wedding venues in Virginia are already booked on prime dates like Labor Day Weekend, Summer Solstice or other popular weekends. These days usually book first and certain weekends, as many wedding venues in Virginia know that they will have no problem booking these prime dates. So, if you love the wedding venue be flexible with your date.

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When shopping for your ideal wedding venue, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Is your venue a tent location or does it offer a climate-controlled banquet room? Venues that provide air-conditioned reception space and bathrooms are a worthwhile investment and typically cost a bit more. But imagine the flexibility that central heat and air allows for your wedding day, not to mention a room over your head to shield from that sudden downpour. Tents may be heated and cooled but this is an additional expense and side panels must also be rented and assembled– so price things out accordingly.

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At Hermitage Hill, we include white-folding ceremony chairs, reception tables and chiavari reception chairs in our rental price. This is a huge savings for the bride, as the chiavari chairs alone rent for $8 a chair. Take into consideration what the venue includes with their site fee. Hermitage Hill chooses to avoid linen and china rentals – as the wear and tear on these items is noticeable. So if your favourite wedding venues in Virginia throw these items in, you may want to question how presentable their in-house inventory is and whether it is suitable for your wedding.

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Shopping for wedding venues in Virginia is a lengthy process, as more venues seem to pop up overnight. A professionally-managed venue offers more knowledge and experience that is priceless the day of your wedding. When you are researching wedding venues in Virginia, be certain you understand what a venue offers and what is not included, this can create unavoidable costs in other areas. Consider more than just the price, as not everything is apples to apples.

Nikki Nargi and her husband, Craig, own and operate Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables in beautiful downtown Hermitage, Virginia. Nikki is a designer and Craig is a chef with 20 plus years in the hospitality industry. They bring their diverse backgrounds together to help inspire brides-to-be and make that "big day" a little more special and stress free. Learn about Hermitage Hill and gain useful event planning tips on their blog. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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