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What to Wear to a Farm Wedding

Wedding guests at Hermitage Hilll
Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables, Waynesboro Virginia To inquire about planning a Hermitage Hill Wedding For the women….. Tip #1 – Do NOT wear cream, ivory or white to any wedding, unless you are the bride. I mean, really ladies… do we need to dive into this further? This shou
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Shopping Out Wedding Venues

Guide to Shopping For the Perfect Wedding Venue So you are newly engaged and your head is spinning with all the important details that really need to happen now! Relax, breathe and get your game plan together. One of the first orders of business is determining your wedding date and ch
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Planning an Equestrian Wedding? Hermitage Hill Farm is the Ideal Venue. Located in the Heart of Virginia Horse Country

Virginia has long been known as horse country. With a strong tradition of fox hunting during the fall and winter season. What could be a more fitting way of celebrating your special wedding day, than choosing an equestrian wedding venue in Virginia. Hermitage Hill caters to this time-
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