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Planning a Green Wedding | Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables, Waynesboro VA

Bride and groom enjoying their winter wedding at the best wedding venue in Virginia.
Ever wonder, how to have a Green Wedding that will compliment your special day and help in a big way!?! Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables has four fun hints to help you plan your BIG day, the Green way! Location, Location, Location! Choose a location that obtains sustainable practice
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A Stable Restoration Story – Creating a Destination Spot Perfect for Hosting a Brewery Wedding

This winter has marked a great transformation at Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables. With plans to open a brewery and tasting room in the spring, this winter has marked a number of great improvements to the layout of our wedding venue – making it the ideal location for a brewery we
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Happy Earth Day. Have you considered a Green Wedding?

It has been quite a while since I last posted, as we have had so many projects underway. However, I could not let Earth Day come and go without writing a little post about this. So Earth Day has crept up on us again. It seems to mark the coming of spring and according to the official
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A Farm Store is Born

 The winter months are generally our downtime at Hermitage Hill, what with the shorter days and colder temperatures, who wants to work outside unless you have to. So, we turn our focus to indoor projects and improvements where the temperatures are more friendly. This winter, Craig tur
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