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Jacob K.

Our experience with Hermitage Hill was amazing. After searching the area for a place for the wedding, a place for the reception, and a caterer, we came across Hermitage Hill after a caterer said we should at least go check it out. I am extremely happy we did go. Seeing the place, my now wife was moved to tears. It fit us perfectly. We decided pretty much then that we would have the wedding there. After talking to the owner, it was evident that we could also have the reception there, and that led into discussions on having the rehearsal there, which the owner agreed to. Through talking with him, his experience and knowledge of the catering industry became very evident, and we began to trust him and his expertise very quickly. We thought, since he seemed so professional and knoledgable, that we should just let him cater it as well, which he agreed on. So we ended up using Hermitage Hill for the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception, and he catered both the rehearsal and the reseption. He was extremely obliging, very easy to work with, extremely professional, and the entire weekend was in his hands. The venue and the food were simply amazing. I have heard nothing but compliments from the whole weekend. I would highly recommend Hermitage Hill to anyone and everyone.

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