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Tips for Planning for a Rainy Wedding Day – A Wet Knot Never Comes Undone

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Virginia is known for lovers and now destination weddings! Whether you are on the beach, in the city, or have the Appalachian Mountains as your backdrop for your nuptials, Virginia has many wonderful picturesque venues for indoor/outdoor celebrations. Outdoor weddings can be a lot like Vegas, the weather is a gamble!! Hermitage Hill offers these tips for planning for rainy weather on your wedding day? Read on.

Ward Photography | http://wardpics.com/

Whether you are a DIY couple, a one and done couple (hiring a full packaged wedding planner) or find content somewhere in the middle, we here at Hermitage Hill Farm & Stables, want to remind you to enjoy the planning process and not to sweat the small stuff. There are things in life we can control but there are even more things in life we can’t. For instance WEATHER! After working with hundreds of couples and reassuring and guiding them towards the wedding of their dreams. There is one element that we can’t plan for and that is the weather (or can we?!). Hermitage Hill offers the following tips for planning for a rainy wedding day because in Virginia, “Don’t like the weather? Just wait 30 minutes!”. Virginia can have 3 seasons in one day! One of the many reasons why we all love this beautiful state.

Our team at Hermitage Hill Farm wants to share a few fun tips on how to incorporate rainy weather into your wedding day, whether you like it or not! Spring & April showers may bring those beautiful May flowers, but what if your wedding is in April? Superstition has it that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck and we agree! Remember a ‘Wet Knot Never Comes Undone’. Bring your outdoor ceremony indoors! Our indoor ceremony space is a great alternative for inclement weather on your wedding day and provides the piece of mind and a beautiful wedding backdrop for your nuptials.

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Afraid of a bit of rain on your wedding day? Nobody likes it to rain on their parade! As Scar in Disney movie the Lion King once sung, BE PREPARED!!! Ask your wedding party to bring their Hunters or wellies (English term for rainboots). Find classy, fun, or create your own monogrammed umbrella for your wedding parties gifts. Use the rain to your benefit! Incorporate the rain into your day-of wedding theme! Ask your photographer to take pictures with your wellies in a puddle. Ever played with the idea of ‘Trash the Dress’? We have too, but we’ll save that for another blog!

Another great benefit, picture perfect photos with no squinty eyes! Rainy days make for gorgeous photos, setting a romantic tone for your memories. Remember, don’t worry be happy or as we say here at Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill Farm, don’t worry be ‘hoppy’! Get married in the rain, sing in the rain, dance in the rain, celebrate in the rain, embrace the rain!!

Ward Photography | http://wardpics.com/

Stay tuned for more Stable Craft Brewing at Hermitage Hill Farm fun green wedding tips! Let us know what you would like to learn more about; our wedding venue, wedding dresses, wedding shoes, wedding clothing, wedding accessories, wedding invitations, wedding rings, wedding cake, wedding gowns, wedding favors, wedding anniversary, wedding receptions, wedding songs, wedding vendors, wedding bands, wedding accessories & shoes, wedding flowers, wedding gifts, wedding ideas, wedding photography, wedding planners, wedding decorations, wedding cards, wedding services!

Nikki Nargi and her husband, Craig, own and operate Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables in beautiful downtown Hermitage, Virginia. Nikki is a designer and Craig is a chef with 20 plus years in the hospitality industry. They bring their diverse backgrounds together to help inspire brides-to-be and make that "big day" a little more special and stress free. Learn about Hermitage Hill and gain useful event planning tips on their blog. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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