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Top Wedding Planning Strategies

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To the newly engaged couples of 2014, the wedding planning process can seem rather daunting. What are the first things to do when preparing for your big day? Ask yourself some of the key questions below and the pieces will begin to fall in place.

Date. Determining your date can make a huge impact on your planning process. Spring and Fall dates are the most popular and many venues book prime May and October weekends a year out or more. So if you are clamoring for this prime weekends, it is best to start early.

Size. Decide how large your wedding will be. This may be difficult, as it seems relatives and friends come out from the woodwork when it comes down to determining the final invitation list. Stick to your guns and remember the more guests included on your list, the more expensive your wedding will be.

Budget.  Breakdown your expenses. The largest expenses are the venue, caterer and rentals. Choosing to host your wedding at a home may be as expensive as a renting a venue. Consider the rental costs of  tents, tables, chairs and portable restrooms for your guests and weigh these against the cost of the venue. Also factor weather considerations into this choice. Tents may be heated but this will be an additional expense to you. Remember that you usually get what you pay for in services. Many brides have gone with the lowest-priced vendor and found out too late in the process that the vendor of their choosing was not equipped to handle their requests.

Planning. Draw out a timeline. Line up your vendors and discuss expectations of each. Plan well in advance because last minute changes may increase the vendor’s costs and create undue stress to you.

With careful thought to each of  these steps and working with professional seasoned vendors you can enjoy a beautiful wedding day and reduce the stress of planning.

Happy Planning!

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