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Winter Renovations on the Farm- Part 1

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Well January has turned out to be super busy for us here, at Hermitage Hill. It is time to update our rentals. They are going to receive facelifts before our new tenants arrive

Our first project at hand, was our cottage- the Granary Cottage. While it is a cute living space, it didn’t exactly flow as well as it might. S0, Craig decided to take our cottage down to the bare bones and reconfigure the rooms to allow for a better traffic flow. (This seems to be one his many hidden talents). As goes with most of our projects, we were on a tight deadline, so Craig put in a lot of weekend and evening hours pulling this project together before the arrival of our new tenant.

New plumbing, new electricity, and a brand new bathroom to boot. We decided to incorporate lots of reclaimed materials and keep the theme rustic but functional. We’ve lined the walls with plank boarding and the ceiling is galvanized tin to give it modern European feel. I contributed with cute curtains. A new heater warms this space nicely and it is quite comfortable. We are pleased with how our rental turned out. All the modern amenities and a brand new look.

I am posting pictures and hope you’ll enjoy seeing how our project turned out.


Nikki Nargi and her husband, Craig, own and operate Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables in beautiful downtown Hermitage, Virginia. Nikki is a designer and Craig is a chef with 20 plus years in the hospitality industry. They bring their diverse backgrounds together to help inspire brides-to-be and make that "big day" a little more special and stress free. Learn about Hermitage Hill and gain useful event planning tips on their blog. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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